The Quarter Exam Guide

The Quarter Exam Guide

By Dana Harris, Online Features Editor

Well CHS, it is that time of the year again.  The leaves are turning a vibrant orange, and we are beginning to finalize our Halloween costume.  But what are those dreadful tests that mark then end of the first quarter and the end of October?  Quarter Exams.

The tedious multiple choice tests that either solidify your current grade, bring your grade down or improve your grade.  It is truly an annoyance.

Here are the guidelines to succeed on your Quarter Exams.

Study: Go through all of your homework, class work and notes you have taken throughout first quarter.  There is a lot of stuff you have forgotten and you need to refresh yourself.  Trust me.

Do not Procrastinate. To be honest, I could be classified as a top notch procrastinator.  However, it is very stressful.  The art of cramming does not work because your schemas have not been made (yay AP Psychology). Also, getting five hours of sleep the night before is not beneficial whatsoever.

Chew Gum: Not only will gum keep your mouth minty fresh, but according to some recent studies, chewing gum will increase your test score.

Use these tips this week and at the end of third quarter to succeed on your quarter exams.  Good luck!