Professional football is more entertaining

By Micahel Fox and Arjun Swaminathan

The comparison between college football and professional football is like that of boys to men: college football is an unfinished product, while the NFL is the real deal.

On a number of levels, football played by paid athletes is far more rewarding than football played by college athletes.  Professional football allows one to enjoy Fantasy Football, be entertained by the games and appreciate higher quality play.

Professional football has led to a great discovery for mankind: Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football lets people join leagues with their friends and put together a unique team of players who are predicted to gain yards and score touchdowns every week in the NFL. However, with new college recruits always coming and going, college football can’t provide this experience for the fans.

According to an August 2012 Forbes article, about 90 percent of the 32 million Americans who take part in fantasy sports play Fantasy Football.

Most fans who watch both college and professional football agree that the NFL is more entertaining.

In a survey taken of 40 CHS students of all grade levels, 70 percent of students prefer professional football over the college level.

People love to root for their favorite team alongside others.  The more popular the team, the more fun it is to root for.  The NFL only has 32 teams, which is fewer than the NCAAF’s 120. As a result , professional football fan bases are bigger and better.

Professional football players have better skill sets than college football players, making it more entertaining for the crowd to watch. Professionals make fewer mistakes and therefore have a higher quality of play. Many colleges like to run the pistol, a run-first, throw-second offense. Having a run-first offense is not as exciting as the NFL’s throw-first offense.

College quarterbacks tend to be one-dimensional runners because they must rely on their speed to cover up their lack of throwing skill. In the NFL there are some quarterbacks who can run well, but such quarterbacks like RGIII and Russell Wilson can also throw a deadly accurate pass.

It is arguable that the mistakes and turnovers in college football could increase entertainment, but considering that only a few teams tend to contend every year for a championship, seeing one’s favorite team get steamrolled is not the most pleasant experience.

Professional football is better than college football because it is simply more entertaining.  Whether someone is addicted to Fantasy Football, or entertained by top performance, there are always reasons as to why the NFL is a cut above the NCAAF.