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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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    Bond instructs how to survive hallway walks

    You’re sitting in class.  Maybe you’re really interested in the subject that the teacher is talking about.  Maybe you’re sitting in a class that happens to be the subject that you want to major in once you get to college.  Chances are, however, that it isn’t.  And chances are that, like most students, you are watching the clock tick down until the bell signaling the end of class finally rings.

    Although most of us view the end of each period as one step closer to finally going home, I view the end of class as the beginning of a 5-minute nightmare.  Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded walk through the hallways of CHS.

    Walking from class to class brings up a multitude of challenges for the everyday high school student.  Here are a few tips on how to manage your walk from class to class:

    1. Find the fastest route and stick to it.

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    The hallways of CHS are nothing short of an intricate labyrinth that can confuse even the greatest minds.  There are numerous ways to get from point A to point B in CHS. The trick is finding the easiest and fastest way to make the haul.  The kind staff of CHS gives you all of five minutes in between classes to make your trip.  If you can find a way to make it to your next class in three minutes, that gives you two whole minutes to do whatever you want.  Two minutes is more than enough time to take a nap, do some last minute homework or snack just enough to hold you over until lunch.

    2. Play to your advantages

    Walking through the halls can be a daunting task in which you will be confronted by different types of hallway roamers.  There are the huge people who try to force their way through everyone, the small people who try to squeeze through every crack, and those select few who decide to stand in the hall and block everyone from getting to class.   If you are big, just coast through the hallway (respectfully) and command attention as you travel to your destination.  If you’re small and nimble, use your superior agility to maneuver around people without bumping into their shoulders or elbows.  Find what gets you to your next class the fastest, and exploit it.

    3. Don’t always worry about saying hi to your friends.

    One of the toughest things to do while walking in the halls is say hi to friends. While it may seem like an important thing to do at the time, acknowledging or dismissing a friend in the hallway is not a big deal.  Chances are they are scrambling to get to their next class just like you are.  Also, if you’re truly good friends, the balance of your relationship will not be based on whether you say hi to them once.  If you’re good friends, they’ll forgive you for blowing past them once and you can say hi to each other at lunch.

    4. Find little ways to make it a pleasant experience.

    So far I’ve told you to ignore your friends, play to your strengths and to get to your next class as fast as you can.   My last suggestion is once you’ve gotten the first three steps down, try to make the experience of navigating the halls a little fun. Find little things that make you happy along your trip, like actually looking at the mural down the hall from the library or picking up the latest copy of the Observer on your way to class.  It can go a long way.

    The hallways can be a scary place.  You never know what will be thrown at you or what twists and turns you may be forced to take.  However, if you stick to these rules, the journey to your next class should be a walk in the park

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    Bond instructs how to survive hallway walks