Students donate to memorial fund

Students donate to memorial fund

By By Sarah Reitzes, News Editor

 Members of the CHS community have donated over $7,000 as of Dec. 13 to the Craig Whyte Memorial Fund to assist math teacher Craig Whyte’s family after his death Nov. 15.

The donations will be divided with a majority of the money going toward a scholarship fund for Whyte’s two daughters, and the remaining money being given to the Whyte family to help them financially during the holiday season. The drive to help Whyte’s family during the holiday season ended Dec. 16, but donations to the scholarship fund are still being accepted.

 “This is such a tragic loss for his family and for the CHS community,” said senior Jenna Cantor, who thought of the idea of donating money to the Whyte family. “I think it’s really meaningful that the school organized something to help out Mr. Whyte’s family during this holiday season.”

 According to math resource teacher Curtis Southworth, Whyte strongly believed in having a college fund for his daughters.

 “I’m just overwhelmed with the generosity of the CHS community and really impressed with Jenna Cantor, who has been spearheading this,” Southworth said.

 According to Southworth, Principal Joan Benz made it possible to donate money to the fund through the business office, which was key in making the idea of the fund a reality.

 “We really wanted it to be a lasting support to his family,” Benz said. “I would hope that after this initial drive, we would continue on an annual basis to help them.”

 Cantor was inspired to do something for the Whyte family after she was a student in Whyte’s calculus class.

 “Mr. Whyte was such an important part of CHS, and his loss is devastating to the community,” Cantor said. “Everybody thought of him as a great teacher and person. He did so much for his students, and I think it’s important that we give back to him and his family.”

 Those who wish to donate to the fund can give cash or checks with the subject line “Whyte Memorial Fund” to Southworth in the main office or to school financial assistant Judith Starlings in the business office.

 Donations in honor of Special Education teacher Ruth Checker, who passed away Nov. 14, can be made to Susan G. Komen for the Cure to end breast cancer.