Weast plans to retire

After an 11-year career in MCPS, Superintendent Jerry Weast will retire at the end of the school year, leaving a long legacy of reform during his time as superintendent including one of his primary goals, decreasing the inequality gap among students.

“Equity among diverse groups of students progressed under his close-the-gap emphasis and supervision,” Principal Joan Benz said.

According to an Aug. 23 press release, Weast has overseen a district-wide reform strategy, directed by MCPS’ plan: Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence.

His successes are evident in the numbers: the number of black students who received a passing score on an Advanced Placement exam has doubled in the past 10 years.

“SAT scores have risen to the highest on record in MCPS during Dr. Weast’s term in MCPS,” Benz said.

Though reducing the inequality gap was one of his main goals, Weast helped MCPS to progress in other ways.

“I will remember him as the superintendent who supported MCPS to provide all-day kindergarten to our young students, initiated middle school curriculum changes and promoted the position of staff development teachers to support professional staff growth and excellence in classroom instruction,” Benz said.

Weast’s retirement marks the end of an era for MCPS schools. Though a new superintendent has not yet been named, he or she will be taking on one of the largest counties in the country.