Young life club makes a comeback

By Joe Nolan, Jon Sosner

The Young Life club will be coming to CHS this fall.

In the past the Christian organization  left CHS and then came back because of inconsistent volunteering. But with two new volunteers, it has returned to CHS once again.

According to its website, Young Life is a nonprofit organization active in all 50 states and more than 50 countries. They reach an estimated one million teens each year. Founded in 1941, it aims to teach kids about Jesus in a fun and low-pressure environment.

“Our mission is really simply to introduce teenagers to Jesus and to help them grow in their faith,” said Stefan Wiltz, Young Life Area Director for Upper County. “It’s nondenominational [and] it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever stepped in a church in your life.”

In order to do this, the organization makes it its goal to become a part of high schoolers’ lives and to form strong relationships.

According to Nick Havas, a Young Life volunteer for CHS, he says he wants to meet every kid. Having attended Young Life as a high schooler himself, Havas’ “ultimate goal is to help as many kids reach Christ” the way he did.

According to Wiltz, Young Life holds a “campaigner,” or Bible study, every Sunday, where the leaders help teens understand God’s word and how it relates to them. Also, on a designated weeknight, there is “Young Life club,” which is less serious and more focused on having fun. Activities include a wide variety of games and singing songs. Each meeting always concludes with a message.

“[The meetings] are fun but relaxed,” senior Jessica DeMayo said. “It is a good thing to do when you want to clear your head and get away from the  problems and stresses that come with being a teenager. We play different kinds of games and talk about things that are important to us. It is a Christian group so we relate the Bible back to our own lives.”

In addition to meetings throughout the school year, Young Life offers weekend and summer camps on a wide range of camping properties.

“Providing a place where teenagers can come, have a good time and learn about Jesus— that is our goal,” Wiltz said.