Toyota issues largest recall since 2005

By Amna Farooqi

Last September, Toyota issued its biggest recall since 2005 of around 4 million cars due to an issue with certain models’ accelerators. Since then, the company has continued issuing recalls on over 11 different models, involving more problems with the floor mat and gas pedals.

The recall includes the Prius, Camry and Highlander models, all of which are popular cars that millions of Americans, and some students at CHS, drive. Problems have been found with other models as well, such as the Tundra, Corolla, Matrix and Sequoia. All cars involved in the recall have been made within the past six years.

“It does scare me,” senior Tara Mobaraki said. “My dad drives a Prius and my friend drives a Camry.”

According to Toyota’s main website, most of their cars have a removable floor mat, which can cause the accelerator to get stuck and the brake to not work, causing the car to increase in speed uncontrollably until it crashes into something.

“I drive a 2003 Toyota Prius,” a source who requested anonymity said. “It did surge once, [but] I was fine.”

Toyota   customer service’s automated voice message now covers a wide multitude of recall-related questions and answers, though according to customer service representative Bonnie Spokes, all information can be found on the company website’s special recall page.

While the recalls may seem troublesome for Toyota right now, the problem remains limited to a small percentage of vehicles, and many customers remain loyal to the brand.

Students who own vehicles affected by the recall have generally not experienced problems and continue to drive the cars despite the risk of uncontrolled acceleration.

“My dad drives the 2010 Prius, [which is one of the cars recalled and] we’re all content with it,” an anonymous source said. “I don’t have any issues [with] Toyota. I love my car.”