Potomac Blockbuster will remain open

By Carly Rotter, Staff Writer

Contrary to rumor, the Blockbuster store in Cabin John Mall will remain open. Many other Blockbuster franchises in the area will be closing, however.

According to Cabin John store manager Jay Rubin, the Blockbuster corporation is not going out of business, but a relatively small percentage of its stores will close down. Other stores are becoming “strictly retail stores,” meaning they will no longer carry movie rentals, but will only carry movies for purchase.

“[The Cabin John location] is absolutely not closing,” assistant store manager Benjamin Zack said. “It is too profitable and we have too many customers that keep coming back to us to shut us down.”

Blockbuster will close 300 stores nationwide and another 300 have become retail stores. Some of these include the Langley Park and Germantown locations.

Both Rubin and Zack seem confident that the Cabin John store will not be affected in any way.

After the loss of two video rental stores in Potomac Village, Potomac Video and Rocky’s Video, many CHS students would be disappointed to lose their last local place to rent movies.

“I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out that it isn’t closing,” sophomore Zac Vogel said. “It would have been really frustrating because it’s like where else can you go?”