Royalle Vending brings Coke machine to CHS

Any student who considers himself a soft drink aficionado has likely been taken aback by the sudden appearance of a Coke machine, despite the rumored monopoly Pepsi has on the CHS market. According to school business manager James Shovlin, CHS is no longer independently sponsored by any company, as the new Coke machine comes from a vending company outsourced by MCPS.

During the school renovations in 1999, the previous vending contract expired so CHS took steps to find a new one.

“CHS signed a three-year contract with Pepsi worth $45,000, spread in payments of $15,000 each year,” Shovlin said. “Along with the $45,000 contract, CHS also received 40 percent commission from vending machine sales.”

Shortly after renewing the Pepsi-Cola contract in 2005, CHS was told by MCPS that schools would no longer be able to negotiate vending contracts and that vending would be managed externally by MCPS. Schools were allowed, however, to end their current contracts. In addition, schools would be required to follow strict MCPS rules on vending, including when vending machines could be active. Now, vending machines are on only after 2:10 p.m.

“Even though MCPS had us turn the machines off during the day and the contract would not be renewed, Pepsi-Cola still honored their contract,” Shovlin said. “CHS lost its $15,000 each year at the end of the contract, and the school’s commission was reduced significantly by MCPS.”

In 2008 CHS finished its last contract with Pepsi-Cola and began receiving vending from Royalle, a company outsourced by MCPS. Royalle Vending is responsible for the appearance of the new Coca-Cola machine as well as the snack and other beverage machines.