Students hit with H1N1

By Yasmin Akbari

NT musical and traveled to Scotland this summer contracted swine flu while on the trip.

According to one RENT cast-member, his time with swine flu was the closest to a near-death experience he has ever come. The student asked to remain anonymous because he was told to avoid publicizing information about his experience upon his return to school.

The student believes he contracted swine flu from being in contact with other sick kids in the program. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), young adults are highly susceptible to contracting the flu when they share beverages or are in close contact.

“For a few days, I took nearly 16 pills daily,” the student said. “I learned that washing my hands actually does make a difference, because I got my sickness through contact.”

A number of CHS students, including sophomore Sarah Kubasik, also got swine flu while at summer sleep-away camp. 

According to Kubasik, most of the symptoms were bearable with the exception of frequent body pain.

Kubasik also learned to “take precautions when around sick people, especially with a disease as easily [spread] as swine [flu].”