Harry Styles breaks gender stereotypes with Vogue magazine cover


Photo Courtesy of @vogue Instagram

Harry Styles decided to debut his beautiful ballgown for his photoshoot with Vogue as he finds himself to be captivated by the intricacy and detail of women’s clothing.

By Ally Salzberg, Opinions Editor

On the morning of Nov. 13, Vogue revealed singer and actor Harry Styles as their December issue cover star. Vogue, a magazine that, for 128 years, has only featured solo women and duos or groups including men on their cover, made history by making Styles the first solo male to ever be featured on the cover. 

What’s even more interesting are the outfits he debuted in the issue. He is shown wearing many different, obscure items of clothing, most notably a Gucci ball gown. Styles’ choice to wear what are said to be “feminine” pieces of clothing has created an uproar on social media. People argue that his wearing of a dress proves to the people that our country is not as strong as it used to be.

What Styles is doing proves to people just how strong our country is and emphasizes our growth regarding acceptance.

There was a mixed reaction from users, some praising him for breaking gender norms and “ending toxic masculinity,” while others believed he was just doing it for performative reasons. One critic, conservative author and commentator Candance Owens, wrote a lengthy tweet about how “no society can survive without strong men” and urged readers to “bring back manly men.” 

Clothing does not make a person masculine or feminine, and historically, men have worn dresses for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore togas, British royalty in the middle ages wore skirts and tights, even Jesus is depicted as wearing dresses. Just because Styles chooses to wear pink clothing and dress in clothes that are typically marketed towards women does not mean that he is not a strong man.

Too many men and women have this belief that in order to be identified as a true and “manly” man, you have to dress and act a certain way. However, there is nothing wrong with choosing to wear clothing that you feel comfortable in even if it is not directly marketed towards you.  

It is acceptable for women to wear pantsuits, which were at one point considered “manly clothing.” Although it was originally frowned upon, women were so determined to get the respect and recognition that they deserved so they continued to wear pantsuits even in times when they would get called out for doing so. 

Not only was what Styles did acceptable, it should be encouraged. People are allowed to express themselves in whatever way they choose. In his photoshoot, Styles chose to express himself through his clothing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.