Official response to Black Lives Matter movement

Dear Churchill community, 

As your school newspaper, we have an obligation to take a stand on current issues. We want to make it explicitly clear that The Observer supports the Black Lives Matter movement. 

While many are unable to attend protests due to health and safety concerns, there are actions that can be done from home. We encourage you to be an active participant so that we can help create a world that is inclusive and treats everyone with dignity. We hope you will consider signing petitions, donating to certified anti-racism organizations, or having difficult conversations about racism with your family and friends to help educate others. Throughout the next few weeks, we will be releasing articles on the Churchill Observer website about the movement. We want to make sure we help create a better world that provides equal opportunities for all.

This is not a political issue; it is a human rights issue

To find all articles related to Black Lives Matter, search up blm and click “blm” under tags.