‘Moskau’ Dubbed Greatest Song Ever

April Fools Edition 2017

'Moskau' by Dschingis Khan is undeniably the greatest song of all time.

Photo Courtest of Creative Commons

‘Moskau’ by Dschingis Khan is undeniably the greatest song of all time.

By Nathan Deychman, Online Editor-in-Chief

The persistent question of what the greatest song ever has plagued human thought for decades until now.

The Observer is here to settle this debate once and for all. Moskau by Dschinghis Khan, released in 1979, is the greatest song of all time, plain and simple.

Never heard of it? That’s alright, most people haven’t. Some historians have classified it as the most important hidden wonder in the world, but that’s beside the point.

With a mixture of catchiness and durability, Moskau has captivated those who listen to it for decades. Although the entire song is in German, everyone can still sing along!

According to an Observer poll of 1,000 CHS students, 100 percent of those surveyed classified the song as the dopest thing they had ever heard.

Dschinghis Khan was ahead of their time with the creation of this musical masterpiece. Most songs of the era were centralized around rock and roll, but Moskau is more of a techno pop song, the first of its kind.

In addition to the song’s captivating sound, Moskau depicts the city of Moscow in the Soviet Union in all its glory, as its lyrics glorify the towers and the people of the city.

Moskau has unfortunately been an underground song for decades, but now that the time is right and the rest of the music industry has caught up with it, it is ready for the mainstream. The greatest song of all time is ready to make it big.

Oh, and don’t forget to peep the music video. The dance moves exhibited by Dschinghis Khan are jaw-dropping, and the level of choreographic unity is amazing. If you don’t have Moskau, or at least the trap remix of it, playing on repeat within an hour of your first listen, you are not worthy of its greatness.

Moskau is the undisputed champion of the all-time greatest hits, and it will be apparent to everyone that it has made its mark once it is played over the speakers at CHS between every period, every single day, for the nonstop enjoyment of everyone.