Lack of Air Conditioning at CHS Causes Discomfort Among Students


Photo by Sara Heimlich

Freshman Ian Rosenthal uses a fan to cool himself off during the school day as a substitute for air conditioning.

By Sara Heimlich, Features Editor

Here’s the CHS forecast for the week: the original date for turning on the air conditioning, April 11, will be pushed back until the weather warms up.

According to an email sent to CHS faculty by school business administrator Lisa Wellek, it is very difficult to convert the cooling system back to heat and vice versa after the change has been initially made. However, an exception has been made.

“I think the temperature of the school is very off putting and confusing for many students,” freshman Sabrina Nusraty said. “The confusion of what to wear when it’s 70 degrees outside and sometimes what seems like 20 degrees inside is very complicated. I think throughout the school there needs to be consistency in temperature because there are extreme differences as you go from class to class. The air conditioning will provide a comfortable environment.”

For freshman Andrew Robinson however, the temperature is just fine.

“The temperature now is comfortable,” Robinson said. “I don’t get cold too easily.”

Many have noticed the fluctuating temperatures, though some don’t mind the difference from room to room.

“In all honesty I don’t really care about the temperature of the school, as long as it’s not too extreme,” junior Dan Alpert said. “The school just needs to work on having the temperature inside the school be accommodating to what the outside temperature is.”

MCPS has decided to do just that.

According to Division of School Plant Operations director Dianne Jones, the delay is “due to the unseasonably cold weather forecast.”

On April 9, the light snowfall left all of MCPS confused and the police department releasing a report for a “Missing Spring.”

Students were concerned about the sudden change in temperature despite the out-of-the-ordinary weather outside.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to switch to AC because since the weather outside is so cold now, it’s not really useful,” sophomore Della Waldrop said.
According to Jones, the heating system will have its changeover at a more “favorable” time, namely one with warmer weather.