Students to ‘Request’ not ‘Register’ for Next Year’s Courses


Photo by Lauren Roseman

Junior Alex Chung thinks about which classes to “request” for next year.

By Lauren Roseman, Production Editor

CHS has undergone changes to the class registration process in order to make the system more efficient and more reflective of the way registering for classes actually works.

One way counselors have made the registration process more realistic is by simply changing the phrase “registering for classes” to “requesting classes.”

“Changing the terms from ‘registering’ to ‘requesting’ makes sense if students aren’t guaranteed those classes,” junior Taira Dolan said.

In addition, counselors are no longer handing out the course bulletins when they speak to classes, but they are available to print from the CHS website.  The counselors are only giving bulletins to incoming eighth graders.

“It’s super eco-friendly of the counselors to not hand out those thick course bulletins, which were unnecessary as everything was online anyway,” junior Jennifer Chen said.

Also, students now only choose alternatives for their elective classes, not their required core classes.

“Being able to have alternates only for electives makes sense to me because your main classes are the most important,” Dolan said.

According to Counseling Head Robin Moore, this makes it easier for counselors to understand exactly what class will replace a class if it is unavailable.

Last year, the registration process was more drastically changed to allow for students to register for classes online, giving the students more time to discuss their classes with their counselors.

“It’s all about streamlining the process for an easier process,” Moore said.  “We’re always looking for a better way to do things.”