Girls Field Hockey raises money for Make-A-Wish


Photo By Melanie Twomey

The field hockey team made a goal to raise enough money to send a family of four on a vacation to Disney World.

By Thomas Atkinson, Online Features Editor

The varsity girls field hockey team fundraised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation during its game Oct. 6 and raised over $8,000.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to grant the wishes of children with deadly medical conditions. These wishes can range from receiving horseback riding lessons to meeting famous singers.

According to the Make-A-Wish website, a wish is granted to a child on average about every 37 minutes.
The team used various fundraising techniques to raise the money that was ultimately matched by KVS Title, a settlement services firm.

“This year the parents who organized the fundraiser did an outstanding job of planning the event,” coach Cay Miller said. “There [were] multiple ways that the money was raised. There was an online donation, a silent auction and an ice cream vendor who donated 20 percent of his earnings from the game. KVS Title matched all donations made.”

In order to organize the event, the girls first had to pick a charity and start planning the logistics of raising the money.

“Field hockey does a fundraiser every year,” parent helper Karen Lipson said. About four weeks ago, Mrs. Kanstoroom and I met with the teams and discussed the upcoming fundraiser. We asked them to suggest organizations they would like to raise money for, and then the team voted. Since the girls selected the organization, we knew they would be very committed to the event.”

The girls aimed to raise at least $7,500 which is the cost of sending a family of four to Disney World. They managed to surpass their objective and will be able to grant the wish soon.

“My favorite part of the Make-A-Wish fundraiser was knowing that our donations and support were going to good cause,” senior captain Annie Moshyedi said. “We raised enough to grant a ‘trip-wish,’ which means sending a child with a life-threatening illness on a vacation that he or she has been dreaming to go on. It is amazing to think that the field hockey team made that possible.”

Not only did the fundraising help those in need, but it also gave players motivation to do their best on the field and try to win.

“Friends and family who have donated money have come to support our team, and we want to return the favor by giving them something to cheer about,” junior captain Jocelyn Kelley said.

Raising money for organizations increases awareness about those who are less fortunate.

“Students who attend WCHS, in addition to playing sports, are very lucky,” Lipson said. “For various reasons, many children are unable to participate in athletics. Often these children can only be spectators. To know that they are thought about those who are able to play is very meaningful. Supporting a charity not only teaches students about the importance of helping other, it also brings awareness to others about these organizations that can help.”

Besides CHS field hockey, the Make-A-Wish foundation works with many other high schools and organizations around the country.

“We work with schools all over the Mid-Atlantic region through the Kids for Wish Kids program so we are always looking to expand our efforts and spread our mission to more high schools and sports teams,” said Kelly Skahan, Mid Atlantic Make-A-Wish coordinator.

Make-A-Wish is not the only organization the field hockey has supported, as they have raised money for many others in the past.

“Other organizations we have held fundraisers for in the last several seasons include Play 4 The Cure and Active Minds,” Miller said.