Seniors raise spirit at sporting events


Photo by Ana Faguy

Seniors Erik Johnson, Justin Spivack and Chris Hallock all support the boys basketball team on Dec. 23.

By Ana Faguy, News Editor

The senior class gathered in the CHS gym Dec. 22 to watch and support the girls and boys basketball games as a way to boost school spirit and support the Bulldogs.

Since the beginning of the year, the SGA has been trying to raise school spirit after a reported decline throughout the school.  Through different sporting events, the SGA has been able to raise school spirit and enthusiasm.

According to Class of 2015 advisor Christin Nixon, this game held special meaning in the fact that it was the last game before the seniors’ graduation year.

Students of the Class of 2015 agree that this game was an important symbol of the connection of the game.

“This class is very important to me, these are the people I have grown up with,” senior Morgan Machado said. “These games connect and bring the class together.”

The SGA has been sponsoring basketball games for the past two years.  Different classes sponsor games on different nights, and each class has certain themes for the basketball games.

On Monday night, seniors coordinated with a rodeo theme, where they came to the gym clad in country clothing such as flannel shirts and cowboy hats.  This helped them raise spirit for the team, the game and the senior class.

The SGA hopes that overall it can raise enthusiasm while increasing attendance at basketball games and other CHS sporting events.

“It doesn’t just show your school that you support [it],” Nixon said.   “It more importantly shows your classmates that you support them”