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Two high school sophmores decide to challenge themselves by doing a 24 hour Digital Detox. Their opinions and thoughts are completely different, but shed light on the overuse of devices.

24 hour digital detox challenges students to shut off their screens

By Melissa Redlich and Sylvia Thomson May 6, 2021

Experiencing life burnout? You are not alone. Screen usage has skyrocketed since the pandemic started, and not just in teens. Partaking in a digital detox could be a crucial step towards refreshing your...

Natural Highways is the perfect solution to that stir crazy feeling you have been experiencing during the pandemic. Their organization provides opportunities to get exercise and connect with peers. Check out their Instagram for more information.

Natural Highways encourages individuals to spend time outdoors

By Sylvia Thomson, Assistant Social Media Manager March 1, 2021

49 weeks have passed since students could attend school without a Zoom link. Individuals have been confined to their homes for almost a year, so it is understandable that restlessness has settled in as...

Various streaming platforms are gearing up for a big movie-watching year ahead, including Netflix, DisneyPlus, and HBO Max.

The best 2021 upcoming movie releases to watch at home

By Sylvia Thomson, Assistant Social Media Manager January 20, 2021

New year, new movies! Even though 2020 has ended, that does not mean that the pandemic has ended with it. People should still be staying home and practicing the necessary safety precautions, but with these...

Due to the sudden switch to distance learning, teachers have had to adjust how to teach their lessons during the pandemic.

WCHS teachers battle anxiety during virtual learning

By Sylvia Thomson, Assistant Social Media Manager October 28, 2020

No one was prepared for the extreme set of obstacles that the pandemic hurled at us. Teachers were especially taken aback in the spring by the switch to distance-learning, scrambling to modify their classes...

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