The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The two GoGuardian logos in the top right tools bar on Google Chrome sit bland, indicating that the software is not activated. The white logo will turn blue with a circle around it as soon as a teacher activates the software.

Should MCPS give GoGuardian a go?

By Ryan Shenker, Staff Writer February 26, 2024

“Will GoGuardian go?” That is the question that many students are asking after the Montgomery County Board of Education (BOE) received the 2024-25 proposed operating budget from MCPS. In an unexpected...

WCHS junior Emilia Desiderioscioli uses her school provided chromebook to study. This year, WCHS students must only use school-provided chromebooks while at school, this has both positive and negative consequences.

Tech takeover leads to Chromebook-only controversy

By Rebecca Dean, Assistant Arts Editor November 13, 2023

Technology is undoubtedly an integral part of education at WCHS. From history to math, every single class requires technology, particularly computers. However, WCHS has recently changed the rules regarding...

Students must now make the change from technology to traditional paper due to a new WCHS policy.

Say goodbye to computers and hello to pencils

By Caitlin Murphy, Oxford Comma Enthusiast May 15, 2023

Three years ago the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and WCHS, sending students home for an “extended” spring break. Now, three years later, WCHS has been hit with a new pandemic: technology. If...

Hey, McFly, your Chromebook and iPhone are obsolete

Hey, McFly, your Chromebook and iPhone are obsolete

By Amir Abbas-Yazdi, Computer Charger Crew April 4, 2022

MCPS has moved far past the old days of pen and paper. The county has instituted a personal Chromebook for every student and most schools have normalized online services like Google Classroom and Canvas...

Projectors that were used many years ago serve no purpose in this day and age as all they do is sit and collect dust.

Tech updates needed within this technological age

By Ohio Meshanko, Promotions Manager November 6, 2019

In recent years, many MCPS classrooms have been completely overhauled to accommodate a modern learning and teaching experience. The widespread adoption of Promethean boards and chromebooks, specifically,...

Students to access WiFi next year

Students to access WiFi next year

By Julia Heimlich, Circulation Manager February 28, 2013

Students across Montgomery County will finally have free access to a wireless connection on any personal device in schools beginning in the 2013-2014 school year, thanks to an MCPS Board of Education vote...

Gym-Pact app motivates users to hit the gym

Gym-Pact app motivates users to hit the gym

By Allie Curwin, Staff Writer May 1, 2012

If the up-and-coming bathing suit season isn’t enough motivation to hit the gym, the new Gym-Pact app may be able to help. Using money as an incentive for working out, Gym-Pact offers a creative and...

iBooks take weight off students shoulders, literally

iBooks take weight off students’ shoulders, literally

By By Nicole Weltmann, Staff Writer February 24, 2012

Four binders, four journals and two textbooks are what sophomore Erik Roberts carries each day in his backpack, each adding up to a large amount of weight being carried each day back and forth from class...

CHS gets new computers

By Online Opinions Editor, Emilie Plesset September 8, 2011

With every new school year come changes and this year CHS students discovered new flat screen computer monitors in place of the old CRT monitors and an upgrade to the computer program Windows 7. According...

Wi-Fi, new computers welcomed at CHS

By Lauren Price Sonia Shekar Staff Writers March 22, 2011

Looking at the ceiling recently, students may have noticed new little white boxes with green lights on the ceilings. They’re not smoke alarms, but rather one of 50 Cisco Wi-Fi Hotspots that were recently...

Food trucks serve up cheap, delicious treats

By By Jane Zankman, Staff Writer March 21, 2011

Listening for the faint jingle of the ice-cream truck has become a thing of the past. Restaurants on wheels, otherwise known as food trucks, offer tasty and exotic food at a low cost. Hungry people can...

The ‘Look at Me’ Generation

A typical teenager girl turns on her computer, signs on to Facebook and updates her status with what she did that day and what she will do for the rest of the day. She may spend the next hour or two flipping...

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