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Prom/Promposals – 2020

Senior Miranda Chung poses with a prom proposal sign. Because in-person school was cancelled so early, many seniors did not get to do/receive the promposals they had dreamed of.

By Miranda Chung, Copy Editor

May 14, 2020

Who knew for my last article, I would be committing a cardinal sin of the J and breaking the AP style number one rule: writing in the first person.  As a second semester senior, I’m more than ready to leap out of high school and into college. But I did not expect to be writing my last Observer ...

Students take ‘promposals’ to a whole new level

Students take 'promposals' to a whole new level

By Jordan Janis and Katie Gauch, Features Editor and Production Editor

May 30, 2013

The only thing better than stalking seniors on Facebook the morning after prom (Other than going to prom, that is) is catching a glimpse of cute proposals—a.k.a. "promposals."  Here are some of the Class of 2013’s sweetest promposals. A Twist on the Classic Senior Noah Bergman hung neon signs on ...

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