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Logic’s “The Incredible True Story” Review: 9.5/10

Gaithersburg native  rapper Logic releases new hip hop album, The Incredible True Story.

By Arjun Swaminathan, News Editor

November 16, 2015

Featuring thunderous lyrics, stellar production and a brilliant concept, Logic’s The Incredible True Story is a tour de force and an outstanding follow-up to his debut record Under Pressure. The Gaithersburg-born emcee released the album Nov. 13 to great fanfare. Preceded by singles “Young Jesus,...

Feud between hip-hop stars reflect both poorly

Feud between hip-hop stars reflect both poorly

By By: Greer Smith, Staff Writer

February 21, 2012

The hip-hop world can be a bitter, conflicting place. It has been shown in the past through infamous feuds, like ones between The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac, or Jay-Z and Nas. Though once more frequent, feuds are now a relatively absent part of rap culture. That is, until recently when Common and Drake...

Rap artists’ legal troubles affect music production

By Josh Samson, Staff Writer

December 22, 2010

2010 was a great year for hip-hop. The resurgence of old school rappers and the graduation of a new school of rappers who are poised to control hip-hop in the next decade made the year an exciting one for radio and underground music. However, 2010 also felt like one huge court case against the rappers...

Kid Cudi’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is an eerie wonder

By Becky Price, Arts Editor

November 30, 2010

Two summers ago, a track titled “Day N’ Nite” hit music blogs and indie radars like wildfire. The artist, a blossoming rap phenomenon known as Kid Cudi, made his mark as the heavily remixed song caught the eye of Kanye West and eventually spiraled onto popular radio. A couple of months later,...

New faces show promising future for hip-hop

By Ryan Schlesinger, Editor-in-Chief

March 1, 2010

Mainstream hip-hop is in shambles. If you look at the most purchased hip-hop/rap songs list on iTunes, “Tie Me Down” by the skinny-jean wearing New Boyz cracks the top 10. ‘Nuff said. The faces of the genre have all been huge disappointments as of late. Jay-Z’s last album was arguably his...

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