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Bike accidents skyrocket in lieu of helmet-less riders

 Stephanie Zoltick wears her helmet before a bike ride. Zoltick prioritizes safety and knows the consequences of riding without a helmet.

By Nur Yavuz, Assistant Observations Editor

December 8, 2019

A lesson that is annually drilled into the heads of little kids all across the world: “Wear your helmet while riding your bike to prevent head injury.” However, according to recent studies, the number of bicycle accidents due to not wearing helmets is skyrocketing. Maybe little kids should not be...

Local trails offer ample summer biking opportunities

Local trails offer ample summer biking opportunities

By Caitlin Dohorety and Production Editor

May 30, 2013

May is Bike Month, and with the weather warming up, now is a great time to explore the metropolitan area. Students can participate in many events throughout the spring, including BikeJam, an all-day family-friendly festival held in Baltimore’s Patterson Park May 19. There is also Tour Dem Parks Hon, an a...

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