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Stars of the Screen

By Thomas Atkinson, Public Relations Manager

September 26, 2014

With summer reruns in the past, it is time for old favorites to return and for new programs to air, helping distract us from our studies. Returning Shows American Horror Story: Freak Show The fourth season of the hit TV show on FX starring Evan Peters, Emma Roberts and Jessica Lange returns ...

‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ swoops into theaters

'Captain America: Winter Soldier' swoops into theaters

By Thomas Atkinson, Public Relations Manager

May 29, 2014

CHS Assemble! Captain America, the world’s first Avenger and a fan-favorite at CHS, swings into theaters this April 4. “I like Cap because he is one of Marvel’s most interesting characters,” sophomore Enoch Lee said. “He depicts what America should be and not what it necessarily is today....

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