Athlete of the month: Justin Huebl


Starting quarterback, Justin Huebl, glances towards the football he just threw to a teammate. The WCHS football team finished with a successful season and made it to the state quarterfinals.

By Caitlin Murphy, Copy Editor

Whether he is throwing a game-winning touchdown pass, diving into the pool or whipping the ball around the lacrosse field, Justin Huebl does it all. A three-sport athlete for WCHS, the senior plays football, swims and plays lacrosse. With fall sports coming to a close and the winter season just beginning, Huebl is looking to take his momentum from a successful football season and run in the playoffs to a dominant swim season. 

It is hard to believe that Huebl only got back into football as a freshman after taking a break, as his energy and talent are clear to anyone watching a game. During the season, Huebl took on the role of starting quarterback, placing him in an important and demanding position. 

“I took on the role committed to doing whatever it took to help our team win games,” Huebl said. “I knew there would be a lot of eyes on me, so l made an effort to be a good example on and off the field.”

This commitment was clearly apparent to the other members of the football team, who found Huebl’s leadership and drive to be an integral part of the team’s culture and ultimate success. 

“If I were to describe Justin Huebl to you in one word, it would be passionate,” WCHS junior football player Jonah Goldberg said. “Every time he would step on the field you could see that he was playing with an intensity and drive almost unparalleled by anyone else. Not only did this help elevate his play, but he would also bring an energy to the team that was contagious and brought us all up with him.”

While the football team’s season did not start out how they had hoped, their defeats ultimately united the team and drove their desire to improve and win games throughout the season. This goal was certainly achieved, as the team went on a nine-game winning streak and became the first WCHS football team since 1995 to win two playoff games. 

“After starting with two losses, our team really came together and we became closer as a family rather than a random group of players,” Huebl said. “Whether it was through team dinners or Lead ‘Em Up sessions, I think growing our bond as a team was the key factor in going on a nine game win streak. Our wins in the playoffs really say a lot about the growth and success of our program.”

After a successful football season, Huebl is looking forward to returning to the pool to hopefully repeat the boys swim team’s success from last year. Huebl swims both the 50 meter and 100 meter events, but prefers the 50. 

“I’m excited to get back in the water with my teammates and continue our streak of dominance, especially at our championship meets,” Huebl said. “Nothing compares to the roaring atmosphere of Metros.”

With great success comes great expectations, and this is definitely true for the boys swim team this year. With wins at both Metros, a meet that combines both public and private schools, and the Maryland State Championship last year, the team is going into this season hoping to repeat their success. 

“The expectation this year is nothing less than wins in both the State Championship and Metros,” Huebl said. “With a star-studded lineup consisting of swimmers such as Kyle Wang, Ethan Fu, Brady Begin and the Elkassem twins, there is no doubt in my mind that we can go back to back.”

Huebl is also a captain for the swim team this year, and it is abundantly clear to other members of the team why he has been chosen in that role. 

“Justin is a great asset to the team and he plays a key part in planning events, creating lineups and getting everyone excited,” WCHS senior captain of the girls swim team Candela Lespada said. “His energy is just what we need to push us to win Metros and States.”

While the swim season has just started, it is clear that Huebl’s leadership and passion will be an integral part of the team’s success. 

“My advice for younger athletes would be to always practice like it’s your last practice, and play like it’s your last game,” Huebl said. “Go the extra mile every time and you’ll have no regrets.”