Athlete of the Month: Rory Brookhart


Photo Courtesy of Rory Brookhart

WCHS senior Rory Brookhart during a soccer game, with the Colgate logo showing his commitment.

By Vaughn Malamut, Online Editor

Soccer has played a significant role in WCHS senior Rory Brookhart’s life. Brookhart has played for the WCHS boys’ soccer team for the past four years. He has led the team to great success and has been a vital part of the team. Brookhart’s love for soccer started when he was young and has only continued to grow.

“I started playing soccer when I was three, back when I lived in California. My first official team was an MSI team in Kindergarten with my school friends. I joined PSA in 1st grade and have played the same since last year” Brookhart said.

While he has been playing for so long, his soccer career is only just beginning. Brookhart has decided to continue playing D1 soccer at Colgate University in upstate New York. Picking a college can be one of the hardest decisions a student has to make. Yet for Brookhart, Colgate felt like home. He believed that the school is where he will fit in best and be the best athlete he can be. 

“It just felt right. Even after having interest from other schools, after visiting Colgate and speaking with the coaches I knew I wanted to go to school at Colgate,” Brookhart said. “I felt very welcome and at home there. It matches the kind of person I am.”

The WCHS boys’ soccer team has had an incredible season this year. Brookhart led the boys soccer team to the regional semi-finals, where they fell short to Richard Montgomery.

“Playing for Churchill is different because the team chemistry is always so high. Everyone is friends with everyone on the team and everyday is eventful. Club teams are more serious and the quality playing for a club team is way higher than the quality at high school level” Brookhart said.

Rory’s teammates show gratitude and appreciation towards him. He is a key component of the team and he sets the tone for the rest of the players.

“When Rory plays well, we all play well,” WCHS senior Lamine Ba said. “He’s one of the most technical players in Montgomery County, a very rare talent. Rory is the core of the team, he picks his teammates up when they’re down” Ba said.

Brookhart’s diverse strengths allow for him to become a leader for the WCHS boys’ soccer team. As a leader, Brookhart is able to turn this team into a family.  

“Rory’s strengths consist of passing, dribbling, and set pieces” Ba said. “Rory’s skills allow for the entire team to succeed together.”

Even though soccer takes extreme dedication and practice, Brookhart is driven to constantly improve by his passion for the game. 

“I love soccer because I have so much fun playing it. I enjoy being competitive and staying in good shape and soccer allows me to have both of those things. My family also loves soccer and it’s been a part of me since I can remember” Brookhart said.