Athlete of The Month: Jordan Lapidus


Photo courtesy of Judi Lapidus

Senior field hockey captain Jordan Lapidus corrals a wild pass in the corner of the field while attacking the goal in a game against Blair during the season opener.

By Michael Demske, Sports Editor

Jordan Lapidus does not like to brag about herself. Fans and teammates on the other hand, cannot stop. It is hard not to marvel when she bursts down the sideline to recover a wild drive or blasts a shot where the goalie cannot reach. Lapidus is the definition of a game-changing player. 

“I had an older friend who told me about field hockey,” Lapidus said. “I started playing with some of my soccer friends and I ended up loving it enough to start playing full time.”

One of these soccer friends is Emma Datch, a junior at WCHS and Lapidus’s teammate on the field hockey team. She, like so many others, has always known Lapidus as a special athlete and a one-of-a-kind teammate.

“Jordan has always been an amazing athlete,” Datch said. “I played soccer with her when we were younger and whenever she lost the ball, she would always hustle to get it back.”

Lapidus’s hustle translated into high school and became a trademark of her game. So much so that she was named a captain before the start of the season. Being a captain is a crucial role in team sports as they are responsible for setting the precedent for the rest of the team. 

“As a captain, I try to support my teammates on and off the field,” Lapidus said. “It is super important to me to have a high morale and spirit, so I see it as my job to encourage everyone else to do the same.”

Fellow seniors Sanaz Wyckoff and Hailey Yentis have been with Lapidus throughout her high school career. Both feel she deserves the captain title and enjoy having her as a friend off the field as well.

“Jordan is a very strong and pivotal player on our team,” Wyckoff said. “She is very inclusive of everyone and I feel like I can always trust her on and off the field.”

“Jordan is fit to be a captain because she is a reliable player, gives 100% effort and has a great positive attitude,” Yentis said. “She consistently makes everyone feel included and a part of the team.”

With Lapidus at the helm, the Bulldogs have roared to a 8-0 start, outscoring opponents 38-1. This type of success is not uncommon for WCHS Field Hockey as just last year they battled their way into the State Championship Game. Lapidus recognizes this and understands what it means to play for WCHS.

“WCHS field hockey has the reputation of being one of the better teams in the county. Last year we went to states, and the year before we were regional champions,” Lapidus said. “The environment is also incredibly supportive and uplifting. Our theme of the year is “family” and that is truly what we are.”

Lapidus hopes to return to the state championship and have an amazing time along the way. She also wants to make players feel welcome and bring the team closer together. Perhaps these goals are part of the reason why she is a favorite among so many. 

“My favorite memories with Jordan are: Eating meatballs with her before games, doing a hot mom photo shoot, getting carmen’s after games and listening to hype songs in our “fuber”,” Datch said.

Other teammates have fond memories of Lapidus in a game played earlier in the year where she scored a huge goal against BCC to send the game into overtime, resulting in a win.

“One of my favorite memories with Jordan was when she scored the tying goal in the last second of the BCC game,” Wyckoff said. “We were nervous because we were down one and only had a corner left. If the ball left the circle, it was game over, and would have been our first loss of the season. Jordan perfectly pushed it in and we all ran to her to celebrate. It was the best feeling in the world.”

Lapidus has proven she can be clutch when it counts. All she needs is a chance to make her mark on the game and it happens. Once the game is over though, Lapidus can relax and celebrate with her teammates. 

“One of my favorite memories of Jordan relating to field hockey is the car ride home from the BCC game,” Yentis said. “We both got goals in that game and took a famous 0.5 picture.” 

A winner on and off the field, Lapidus knows what it takes to be the best. When asked what advice she would give to the next generation of WCHS field hockey players, Lapidus turned back to her roots.

“My advice would be to continuously work hard during the season and during the offseason,” Lapidus said. “It pays off in the long run.”