Jabs by Gina creates a close community during its virtual workout classes


Photo courtesy of Caitlyn McCabe

WCHS Senior, Caitlyn McCabe, poses after completing a 60-minute JABS workout class. She punches the air, holding 3 lb weights, a move that she uses during the JABS classes.

By Charley Hutton, Advertisements and Subscriptions Manager

The internet community has gone through its fair share of fitness trends — whether it be taking cycling classes at Soul Cycle, following along as YouTuber Chloe Ting does a 10-minute ab workout or participating in a hot yoga class, anyone looking for ways to improve their strength and endurance has plenty of options. In more recent times, the virtual workout class, “Jabs by Gina,” has been sweeping the nation. 

Gina DiNapoli, a self-titled fitness innovator, began her fitness career as a kickboxing coach at Equinox luxury gym. DiNapoli then shifted to teaching her own choreography to her patrons, before creating her very own gym with her very own fitness category called Jabs. 

“Jabs is a workout class that includes cardio kickboxing to the beat of the music, but some classes focus on abs, choreography, resistance bands or a combination of styles,” WCHS senior Brooke Glickman and Jabs enthusiast said. “Jabs is based in NYC, but since the pandemic, it has expanded to zoom.”

According to her website, DiNapoli focuses on aiming for results that will be beneficial in the long run, rather than quickly and not sustainably. Clearly printed at the bottom of her website is the line: “Your future teammates are waiting for you… Your future coaches are ready to cheer you on…. and your future you… You don’t even know them yet.” DiNapoli uses this ‘results-oriented’ approach throughout her work. As her athletes take part in her classes, she reminds them to focus on their fitness goals, and to picture themselves once they have accomplished them. 

Completing nearly 200 classes since April, WCHS Senior Caitlyn McCabe has become very invested in Jabs. She first discovered Jabs from connections through her fitness Instagram account (@fitbycaitlyn) and now finds time for 10-12 classes a week.

“It’s a community that you are fighting for,” McCabe said. “With other workouts you may feel like you are doing it alone but with Jabs you are fighting with the 200+ people on zoom.” 

DiNapoli has also achieved the impressive feat of selling out every single one of her classes. This is likely due to her fiercely loyal patrons, and the family that she has created within her brand. 

“I’ve stuck with Jabs because it doesn’t feel like a workout; it feels like I’m hanging out with 200 of my closest friends,” Glickman said. “The community that she has built makes it so much fun.” 

McCabe and Glickman are not the only supporters that love the sense of community that Jabs offers them, DiNapoli has received lots of praise for the community that she has built around her workout class. She even has an Instagram (@jabscommunity), racking up over 15,000 followers that work to bring her patrons closer together, even if they are working out through a screen. Her Instagram biography claims that she has “turned fitness into a team sport.” 

“It’s transformed not only my body but more so my mind,” McCabe said. “It’s taught me that I am capable of fighting through hard things and that if I believe I can accomplish something, I will.”