WCHS students stay active during quarantine


Courtesy of Michael Castelli

Senior Michael Castelli has been using dance as a way to cope during quarantine. Him and his friend have started teaching dance classes to help others stay active during this time.

By Ela Jalil, News Editor

Amidst this crazy time of the coronavirus quarantine, many people have stayed in their homes for months now. Schools were not the only thing that were shut down on March 15. Some spring sports never even got to begin their season, or just got two weeks of games and practices before school was cancelled. 

With gatherings being limited to less than 10 people because of the stay at home order imposed by Governor Larry Hogan, sports teams in and out of schools have unfortunately ended their seasons early this year. 

However, many students have started to find ways to stay active at home, whether it be through zoom calls with their sports teams, walks with their family, or YouTube videos. Popular YouTuber Chloe Ting has gone viral for her exercise programs that guarantee abs and weight loss. 

“Recently I discovered Chloe Ting’s YouTube videos and I have been following some of them. I did the two week shred challenge and I have tried out some of her other workouts too,” WCHS sophomore Sonia Bhatia said. “I think her workouts have been a big part of my quarantine because I have found that her workouts have been an easy way to stay fit and exercise more. She has different challenges which you can follow and has specific schedules for each challenge which help keep you on track and keep you motivated.”

However, making a schedule and sticking to it can be very difficult, and it is hard for some students to stay motivated during this time.

“The cancellation of track has made me more tired and it feels like there is no reason to keep conditioning,” WCHS freshman Sydney Willich said. “Everyone’s sleep schedule has been mixed up as well, making it harder to get up and exercise.”

All of this time at home has left students figuring out ways to entertain themselves while staying safe.  Finding new hobbies such as exercising helps students fill time during the day and helps them stay motivated.

“Quarantine has given me the opportunity to work harder so I am really prepared for when softball starts,” WCHS sophomore Daniella Lew said. “It allows me to be more committed to working out because I can do it earlier in the day since I don’t have a set time for school. We have been in quarantine so long that I have been able to track my progress and set goals for myself each week.”

Lew is on a travel softball team and the WCHS varsity softball team. Although the WCHS softball season never started, she has been having regular zoom calls with her travel softball team where they give her workouts. Many sports teams are beginning  to use Zoom as a way to reach out to their players.

Some students have even taken the initiative of helping others stay active, with some starting to lead dance classes. 

“Ever since Blast was postponed I was digging myself in a hole. I missed choreographing and hanging out with my best friend Sydney Rubin. We came up with this idea of an online dance class over FaceTime and thought it would be a good idea to give back and get everyone moving again,” WCHS senior Michael Castelli said. “We love working together and found it as a perfect way to get everyone feeling good and energized again. We will definitely host more dance classes after AP’s.”

Other students have been taking the time to exercise with their family’s, whether it be following an exercise routine or going on walks. 

“I have been exercising with my brother in our weight room and I have been going on walks with my family everyday,” sophomore Arya Iyer said. “Exercising gives me something to do and makes me happy.”

According to Health Direct, exercise can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, which is at an all time high during quarantine. During this time of self isolation and social distancing, it is easy to coop up in the house. However, it is important to get outside a couple of times a week and find an exercise that you love, in order to release anxiety and lift your spirit.

“I have found it to be so much better by working out and staying active in this pandemic. Staying active has allowed me to stay in touch with myself,” Castelli said. “In the beginning of quarantine I was a huge mess. I stopped everything I was doing and fell into a spiral of sadness. Dancing and staying active has helped me out of that sad place and allowed me to feel inspired again.”