Girls volleyball dig deep for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Courtesy of Julia Taylor

Haley Gye and Aiden Sung smile as they model bright pink to raise awareness about the Dig Pink game and the cause.

By Allison Jacobs, News Editor

On Oct. 7th, WCHS girls volleyball hosted their annual Dig Pink game to raise money for breast cancer awareness. With an impressive 8-2 record, WCHS won the game over opponent Whitman, 3-0. Overall, the team raised $2,545 dollars, with $600 from the game sales and $1945 from the GoFundMe that parents can donate to. 

“It is the best game of the year because of all the support we get,” junior Julia Taylor said. “It’s a good day, everyone is always excited and everyone always dresses up, which makes it more fun.” 

However, the overall goal of the Dig Pink game is to raise money by selling baked goods to the fans. The tickets for the game were free as long as you were wearing pink, with the hope of bringing in more fans to purchase goods and support the team. In between the second and third set, the team hosted various games for fans to go and play on the court, with the same goal of attracting fans to come support the game. 

To promote the game, the girls posted on social media and wore bright pink outfits to school to draw attention and remind students to come. The Dig Pink game is hosted by all MCPS schools at different times, with the hope of raising as much money as possible, and all players from all schools promote the game similarly. 

“Dig Pink is really helpful for raising awareness because every school does it and when you add up the totals from all the schools, we raise a lot of money,” Taylor said. 

Overall, the team is having a lot of success this season. With a lot of improvement from last season, the girls are motivated to keep playing their best. 

“We’re doing really well this season,” Taylor said. “We only have two losses and they are both really good teams. Our record is also a lot better than last year.” 

Looking forward, the team plans to continue their success as they head into playoffs. Though they face challenging opponents, they are working hard in practice and are determined to win each game. The support from their success in the Dig Pink game motivates them to keep playing their best while supporting the community.

“I can’t wait to see how the rest of our season goes,” Taylor said. “I think we have a good shot of making it far in playoffs this year and we are competing at a really high level that shows our determination.”