Butler makes a fast-break into lacrosse success


Courtesy of Avi Grant

Senior lacrosse captain, Jack Butler, supports his teammates both on and off of the field as a friend and leader.

By Ella Kaminsky, Features Editor

Number 14, Jack Butler, receives a pass from across the field. Butler cradles the ball as he takes a shot and scores! WCHS receives a point, and the student section is all on their feet chanting and cheering with excitement.

Senior and lacrosse captain Jack Butler has played varsity lacrosse since he began attending WCHS. Over the years, he has aspired and worked to become the best player he can be. Starting the sport in the fourth grade, he was taught by WCHS alumni and his cousin, Jimmy Rubino. Butler’s journey has ranged from fourth grade, to playing on the WCHS field, all the way to committing to Christopher Newport University to play lacrosse.

“It felt like home the first time I stepped on campus,” Butler said. “The coach was a terrific guy and somebody that I wanted to play for, so when I got the offer I took it immediately.”

This year, Butler took a large step in his lacrosse career by attaining the title of captain. However, to him, it is not just a title. As the captain, he is aware of the responsibilities that come with the title and is prepared to take them on.

“I have wanted to be a leader on this team since I transferred as a sophomore,”Butler said. “I wanted to be like the guys before me and take this team to states again alongside my fellow captains.”

There are many responsibilities Butler has taken on. His leadership with the team and hardworking attitude are key to his success.

“I have been as vocal as possible. Whether it is to the younger freshman or to kids older than I am,” Butler said. “I have been taught by some of the greatest to ever play so I have spread my knowledge onto the younger guys. Also, I have worked relentlessly on and off the field to show how much of a leader I am.”

His younger teammates look up to him and acknowledge that he is doing a job as captain. Butler is looked up to as a role model to the younger players.

“Jack is a great player and kid, he cares about everyone on the team. He makes the freshman feel like they are a part of the team,” freshman Eliot Dubick said. “If you ever need anything Jack is always willing to help whether it’s on or off the field issues.”

Not only has Butler been playing on the WCHS field, but he and the lacrosse team have advanced all the way to the Maryland state finals. This game is the ultimate goal for the team, as being the state champions is a great accomplishment.

Although this past season Severna Park High School won states, WCHS still has lots of hope for this coming season. Butler’s own state experience made an impact on him each year, making him more prepared than ever for this season.

“It was unreal. The huge stadium and insane support from the school made the game so much better,” Butler said. “I was terrified my sophomore year but by the time junior year came around I was used to the pressure.”

Over the years that Butler has been on the team, it has grown very close. When spending all that time at practices, team dinners and games on and off the field, their chemistry has only grown stronger.

“We all share a common goal, to be the best in the state. It has helped us shed our differences and overcome obstacles,” Butler said.“We put aside everything and have each others backs at all times.”