Athlete of the Month: March 2019

By Julia Lescht, Online Editor-in-Chief

Senior Cat Correa has proved herself to be a dominant force on the basketball court, playing a large role in the WCHS girls varsity basketball team’s strongest season since 2003–the year they won the state championship.

Correa has been on the varsity team since her freshman year, and she has been playing basketball for eight years. Playing as a shooting guard in their Feb. 14 match against Gaithersburg HS, the girls upheld their victory streak, winning 61 to 29.

“I like how fast paced the game is,” Correa said.

The team has a record of 19 wins and 1 loss*** to rival Whitman HS at home. However, at a second game, WCHS won by 11 points.

“Cat is a dynamic, passionate player,” head coach and AP Psychology teacher Kate Blanken said. “Her basketball instincts are phenomenal, and her athleticism is unreal. Coaches across the county are always complimentary of her style of play and how she attacks the hoop.”

Correa has not gotten to where she is without setbacks, however.

According to Blanken, she missed an entire season as a sophomore due to an ACL tear.
Injuries that severe can often prevent athletes from returning to the same degree of intensity and athleticism.

“Watching her rehab and be a part of the team without getting the reward of minutes on the floor is perhaps the most proud of her I have ever been,” Blanken said.

Now, Correa is one of the team’s leading scorers. This season in particular has been an important one for the team, ranking 11th in the Washington Post for DMV public and private schools, and second in the state for public schools.

“My best game was against Paint Branchy HS, when I scored 23 points,” Correa said. “I liked it the most because it was a lot like streetball: not very structured, which allowed for many fast breaks.”

Off the court, Correa’s role remains important. With three seniors out of the 13 player roster, the team has been able to form a close bond.

“I am going to miss the team dinners and post game celebrations,” Correa said about leaving next year.

The team dynamic is important to getting the right flow on the court, and Correa has certainly helped them to achieve a good one.

“Cat is passionate, kind and a whole lot of fun,” Blanken said. “Her desire to help others makes me so proud of her. Cat, along with her senior teammates–Allison and Kamryn–go out of their way to make the younger girls feel included and valued.”

The team is looking forward to finishing their already strong season and to dominating in the playoffs.

“Our team is like a family, always supporting each other and always having fun, but we know when to focus,” Correa said. “We always encourage each other when we are not doing well but get all excited when we play our best.”