Sports fanatics snap highlights with Rapid Replay


Photo by Joe Raab

By Joe Raab, Sports Editor

The CHS athletic department has started to use a new app that allows the crowd at sport events to share videos and highlights in a platform that gives access to parents, athletes and other students.


The app is called Rapid Replay, and was created by five former Division 1 athletes who wanted to make it easier to get film from sports games regardless of the level of play.


According to CHS athletic director Jesse Smith, Rapid Replay is another way for athletes to get recognition for their performances.


Available for free download, Rapid Replay lets the user take video of a game or event and share them online.


“It’s an amazing opportunity for our athletes to be seen by all of our community” Smith said.


It can often be hard for parents to be at every game or to see every play of their child’s game, and Rapid replay aims to fix that problem and make it so you never miss a play.


According to the Rapid Replay website, they have created a platform that allows families and communities to relive the moments that matter most.


Rapid Replay doesn’t only help families and friends see their athletes play, but can also benefit athletes by allowing them to see their performance. The app  will also bring attention to less publicized sports.


“We have a lot of teams that just don’t get the attention they deserve for whatever reason,” Smith said, “So any platform that will help us get them more recognition while recognizing all of our sports is a great opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”


Smith heard about Rapid Replay because they are partners with VNN, the company who runs the CHS athletics website.


“It’s an amazing opportunity for our athletes to be seen by all of our community through a very easy to use app,” Smith said.


Rapid Replay also plans to expand into a fundraising platform with a program called“Filmraising.”


According to Rapid Replay’s website, “Filmraising” will be implemented in some of their partner schools and will donate up to $1,000 back to the team for every video shared up. .


Rapid Replay will make sure that memories from on the field are never lost, which is something that athletes and their families will forever cherish.