Wrestling team pins down record-breaking season


Photo Courtesy of Michael Clark.

By Allison Jacobs, Staff Writer

Churchill wrestling has maintained an outstanding record this season, with 17 wins and only two losses: to Damascus HS in a tri-meet and Urbana HS in State finals. However, that is not the most impressive part of their season.


Wrestling made history this year by being the first CHS wrestling team to host and win Regionals, and then continue to States.


“We had the chance to do something that no other team in school history has done here at wrestling,” assistant coach James Taylor said. “We knew that we needed to continue to work hard and focus on the task at hand and not get complacent and I feel like we were able to accomplish that.”


The team was filled with great individual wrestlers, but the difference came when they worked together to make the team better and not just benefit themselves.


“Being able to wrestle with your teammates in practice and having good teammates makes you better,” senior Elijah Zack said.


The wrestling team won many of their matchups by a huge margin, like their match against Wheaton High School, where they won an astonishing 78-0.


Last year, the wrestling team was able to set a CHS record by having a winning streak of 16 matches. This year they beat that record by making it all the way to state finals. The wrestlers challenged themselves and worked to get there.


“Up until the final match in the state finals, we wrestled tough, we wrestled hard,” Taylor said. “There was not a single guy that quit and we’re really proud of the way the guys wrestled and the way they fought.”


Not only did the athletes help each other physically, but they came together emotionally too.


“We are a very good team, but even when I’m in a bad mood I always have fun at practices and my teammates and coaches always make me laugh,” senior captain Andrew Welch said.


The team taught each other how to persevere through the hard times and to be a part of a community, not just to work for their own individual gain. That’s hard considering each match is a one-on-one with an opponent from another team.


“It just generally taught me how to stick through the hard times and keep working to reach your goal, even if it seems far-fetched,” Zack said. “We can reach any goal, even past our own expectations.”


The team consisted of 20 boys who have developed a strong bond that they will continue to have long past their high school years.

“I think I will forever be apart of the CHS wrestling community, and I will hold onto the lessons I have learned,” said Welch.


The coaches were impacted by the wrestlers as well.


“I think the coaches and the friendships from CHS wrestling are what I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” said Coach Taylor, who has been a part of the program for nine years as a coach and a wrestler.  “They’ve taught us patience, a lot of little lessons throughout the year, that they kind of remind you of throughout.”


As the season comes to a close, CHS wrestling can look back on their various accomplishments as a team and as individuals. Some wrestlers hold different titles, like Welch who is a county champion, regional champion, and placed fifth at states last year. Together they worked to reach goals that they all had hoped to achieve.


“Toughness, not only of the body but of the mind, is what comes to mind whenever you think of wrestling, especially here at CHS,” Taylor said..