CHS field hockey comes up short in state semi-finals

By Dani Miller, Opinions Editor

Following an undefeated fall season last year, girls varsity field hockey once again finishes with a strong season. Between their impeccable teamwork, determination to win and raw passion for the sport, girls field hockey reigns for a second year in a row as the CHS team to beat.


Making it to state semifinals and ending their season with a 15-1 record is an incredibly impressive feat. They upheld their unbelievable successes from last season by continuing to use successful techniques and relying on strong teamwork.


“There wasn’t really anything that changed from last year [to ensure our success],” junior Regan Solomon said. “But the teamwork aspect [of the game] is really important because we all trust each other on the field.”


For a team to be as successful as the girls field hockey team, their season has to start before they take their first step on the field.


According to head coach Cay Miller, players usually join summer leagues and work on fundamental skills before the season starts.


“[Prior to the start of the season], the rising seniors met to set goals for our program as a whole,” Miller said. “Seniors collaborated to come up with a team vision and standards that we’d hold ourselves to in order to accomplish our vision…and we all agreed to hold each other accountable throughout the season.”


Senior captains Martina Rabade, Juliet Twomey and Faith Kean along with junior captain Alexandra Sperling provide constant leadership and support as well as pushing the team to be the best they can be.


“As a captain I make sure that everyone on the team does their best,” Sperling said.


According to Sperling, the team’s main goal this season was to be fearless, leave everything out on the field and have no regrets.


Upholding a 15-1 record took incredible skill, athleticism and teamwork. However, setting goals in areas where players are not perfect and can improve is perhaps the most evident factor playing a role in their success.


“Before every game, each player on the team identifies a personal goal and a team goal for that game…having postseason success was one of the goals the seniors identified before the summer,” Miller said. “With that end goal in mind, the team makes choices to do what it takes to work towards that goal.”


In addition to playing well in the postseason, the team also sets goals, both big and small, such as playing strict defense or scoring an early goal.


“The number of choices made add up over time and make a huge difference in the end,” Miller said.


For any team to be successful, they must have a great dynamic and get along off field as well as on. The girls varsity field hockey team is no exception.


“We work really well together,” Solomon said. “And always have each others backs which helps us win games.”