Field Hockey Looks to Improve on Last Season, Bring Home State Title


Photo Courtesy of Cay Miller.

By Maya Rosenberg, Editor-in-Chief

CHS’ Field Hockey team was undefeated in the 2016-2017 regular season, and lost only in the highest level of competition at last year’s state championships. They had a commanding season last year, and are looking to repeat their level of strength and skill.


This year’s team is strong both on and off the field. A large part of their ability to succeed comes from not only their skills as players, but the cohesiveness and compatibility of the team itself.


“The atmosphere on this team is extremely positive,” junior left forward Lizzie Hsu said. “If anyone is feeling down, the team never fails to cheer them up.”


A new season means new chances to succeed and improve. The team has already had a strong start to the 2017-2018 season, and they have a record of 5-0. But even though this year’s team shows promise of continuing the accomplishments of last year, they still face many challenges on their road to success.


“We are working on identifying problem areas and working on ways to improve,” senior captain and center midfielder Faith Kean said.


According to Coach Cay Miller, some areas of improvement include the team’s communication and message. Additionally, the team of 22 girls lost seven seniors this season who were instrumental to their run to the state final. Adjusting to such a large shift in team dynamic is an ongoing difficulty that faces the team.


“One challenge we face is finding our team identity this year,” Miller said. “We are fortunate to have many players on the team who played in last November’s state final game, but this is a new team.”


While the team works on discovering its new grove as a team, new players are filling the void left behind by those who graduated.


According to Kean, newer players have stepped up and made big crucial plays for the team.


In order to help newer players mesh with veteran team members, the team is starting their own new traditions.


“One new thing we’ve done this year is [implement] team spirit days,” Kean said. “I believe [they have] helped team morale and bonding.”


According to junior captain and center forward Alex Sperling, team bonding is incredibly important for improving the team performance; if a team can’t work together off the field, then they can’t work together on it.


As the season progresses, the team seems to be blending well, and will hopefully grow only more tightly knit. Increased team bonding has already shown some promising results.


“We’re able to move the ball up the field with ease and play together like we’ve been playing for years,” Hsu



All 22 of the team members, both returning and rookie members, bring their own style, strength and skills to the team.


“We don’t need 22 of the same type of person,” Miller said. “It’s everyone’s individual strengths that make our group stronger.”