New Approaches Lead Girls Basketball to Strong Start


Photo Courtesy of Cat Correa

Freshman guard Brittini Martin sets up an offensive play in the Bulldogs’ 52- 43 win Dec. 19 against Sherwood.

By Kyle Emery, Sports Editor

After coming off an 18-6 record and falling to BCC during the second round of the playoffs last year, CHS girls basketball plans to incorporate new strategies that offer a different approach in an attempt to claim the state title this year.

The bulldogs could potentially be at a disadvantage due to the average height of the team in comparison to teams around MCPS, but with new strategies, the team remains a major competitor.

“Since we aren’t going to be the biggest team, we have already started playing more aggressive and have fast ball movement,” senior and captain Coco Kuchins said.

Their new approaches help on both offense and defense.

“We have a relatively small, fast team, so we’re working on fast-paced play and high-pressure defense,” senior and captain Nina Hazra said.

One of the biggest strengths for the team this year is the number of returning players in the starting lineup from last year.

“We also get along very well with each other which is great,” Kuchins said.

In almost every sport, offense is deemed to be the most important in terms of scoring and winning against competitors, but for the bulldogs, it’s the complete opposite.

“Our defense is what’s going to set us apart from our competitors,” Kuchins said.

Although the team has a slew of returning players, six new players have been added to the varsity lineup, which may seem to be a potential deficit for the team, but has appeared to be the exact opposite.

“They started learning plays from day one, and we go over them all the time in practice, trying to simulate game situations,” Hazra said.

Unity among teammates is one of the crucial aspects to creating a successful team and the bulldogs this year have no trouble achieving it.

“In terms of team bonding, all the team dinners will definitely bring us closer [as well as] talking throughout practice,” junior Abby Mazer said. “We laugh a lot at practice, which for sure brings us together and more comfortable with each other on the court.”

According to head coach Katelyn Blanken, this year’s team really enjoys working with together. Not that teams in the past haven’t been as devoted as this year, but this group especially has committed to helping each other get better individually and as a team.

As far as competition goes for the team this year, teams around the county are all major competitors for the bulldogs. In particular, Whitman seems to be one of the main targets for the team this year, as they are reigning state champions.

“Whitman is the defending state champion, so they are definitely the team to beat,” Hazra said. “BCC knocked us out in the playoffs last year, so we’re looking forward to a rematch.”

As of Dec. 22, the girls have made an impressive season debut, with a 5-1 record, following a close 55-52 loss to Wootton on Dec. 21.

“I think we will have a really good season,” Blanken said. “We have a very talented team, and a good combo of experience and youth.”