Girls Tennis Serves the Way to Winning Season


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Chen

Sopomore Sofia Hahn hits the ball during a tennis match. The girls tennis team placed second at counties and credits their success to hard work at practice and strong leadership from their captains.

By Sophie Liss, Social Media Editor

Girls tennis has striven for consistency from past years and currently has a record of 8-3-1, as of Oct. 18. The season ended on Oct. 20.

After the 2015-16 season, their overall record was 8-1-1, and the team’s 2014-15 record was 9-1-2. Although the team’s stable success may be the result of many factors, head coach Benjamin Woods attributes it to one in particular.

“They work hard during the season and offseason preparing themselves,” Woods said. “They take the game very seriously and like to be successful.”

This success does not come easily, however, and requires a lot of effort during each practice and match.

“During practice, our doubles teams work on their net game and symbiosis on the court,” senior captain Jennifer Chen said. “Singles players have been working on placement of the ball and adding a variety of different strokes into our game.”

Although tennis requires a high fitness and strength level, it does not only take athleticism to be great at the sport. The mental aspect of tennis is just as important as the physical aspect, which includes being calm and confident during matches.

“All the girls on our team have amazing strokes, and if we improve our mental game, I know we could be one of the top teams in the county,” Chen said.

Another attribute to the team’s success is the lack of major injuries over the course of the season due to proper conditioning and the players taking care of themselves.

According to Woods, there have not been any major injuries this year. While girls have gotten sick or pulled a muscle every so often, they have rested to heal quickly and be ready to play soon after.

According to Woods, the three senior captains of the team, Chen, Mina Jeremic and Carli Needle, set clear examples of good leadership and provided bonding experiences over the course of the season.

“They keep the team positive,” Woods said. “They have done a great job with the team building, team sleepovers and secret buddy.”

The team’s season finished at the end of the county tournament on Oct. 20. In each of their respective brackets, the team’s third and fourth singles bracket players and third doubles bracket players all made it to the finals and placed second at counties.

“We stayed focused throughout the season and prepared ourselves mentally and physically for the county finals,” Jeremic said.