Senior Wrestlers Take Down the Competition


Courtesy of JJ Bravo

Senior captain JJ Bravo sets an example for his wrestling teammates as he gets ready to take on his opponent. Bravo has led the team this season to a 26-6 record in tournaments and a 10-4 record in dual meets.

By Nathan Gertler, Online Sports Editor

Wrestling, or Wrasslin’ as the CHS team likes to say, is considered one of the toughest sports at Churchill, and this season, it has shown in a big way.

The CHS wrestling team stands at a staggering 26-6 in tournaments this year, along with an impressive 10-4 record in dual meets.   Leading the surge has been senior captain JJ Bravo.

“My main focus as a captain is to show our upcoming varsity wrestlers that any one of them has the ability to be a high level wrestler,” Bravo said.

Beginning with wrestling’s rigorous offseason workouts and preseason routines, Bravo has filled the leadership void left by CHS alumnus Giulian Groce last year.

Fellow senior and co-captain Mitch Bloch has wrestled alongside Bravo over the years, and has tried to be a role model for the team as well.

“JJ and I strive to lead by example and share our passion for the sport with our teammates,” Bloch said. “I think both of us have definitely improved our technique, and we are driven to finish our careers off strong.”

In what has been a record season for wrestling, the Bulldogs still strive to finish the season on a high note by either winning or sending some of its wrestlers to states. The expectation for every wrestler to come into a match and win has been a main reason for the team’s success this season.

“What makes this year’s team different is that many of our top wrestlers believe they are top contenders to be top guys in the county,” Bravo said.  “Going out there and expecting to win is a great mindset to have in wrestling, and many of our guys this year expect to win every time.”

Another key aspect to the team’s success this season has been each athlete’s dedication to work hard and come together as a group.

According to Bloch, everybody shows up to practice ready to push themselves as hard as possible to help make each other better.

Bravo believes that this unity and hard work stems from the team’s leaders, and players need to follow the actions of the captains.

“I started wrestling as freshman, like most of them, and if their captain can go out there and win big matches, it shows them that they have the chance to do so as well,” Bravo said.  “I try to instill hard work, dedication and maturity into the team, and I lead by example.  If I’m always working my hardest during practice and never make excuses, and they see that, I’m hoping that will inspire them to push themselves.”