New Health and Fitness Club introduced at CHS


Photo by Elliott Sloate

Health and Fitness Club President and founder Elliott Sloate demonstrates proper lifting technique.

By Nathan Deychman, Sports Editor

Clubs are all but uncommon, but new ones with different ideals are hard to come by. The Health and Fitness Club is a new club debuting this year, and is the first of its kind at CHS.

The club was founded on the basis that anyone can be fit. Its officers strive to help everyone develop a healthy lifestyle.

“This club is for everyone,” founder and president Elliott Sloate said. “Whether you are passionate about fitness or are clueless about it but want a healthier lifestyle, we recommend you join.”

Along with vice presidents Jake Wheatley and Mark Weinstein, secretary Colin Smyth, treasurer Kendall Wong and others, Sloate was able to take a new idea and turn it into something that can help others. Not only does the club hold monthly meetings where the officers give advice on how to achieve personal fitness goals, but officers can often be found in the weight room after school to exercise and show the club’s members how to properly do so.

We believe that in order for society to thrive, we must have interest in our own fitness,” Sloate said. “This means taking care of our bodies and our minds, and continuing to set goals for ourselves and work towards those goals.

By promoting a positive well-being for all, the club is able to establish Fitness Is The Necessary Endeavor for Society’s Survival (F.I.T.N.E.S.S) as its motto and instill that motto within its members.

“We do more than lift,” Sloate said. “We also focus on dieting and other types of fitness in order to help our members be more well-rounded in the world of healthy living.”