Frisbro’s win second in states

By Danny Gordon, Senior Writer

The Frisbros finished second in the 2015 Maryland State Championship May 10 behind BCC.

“We had a ridiculously athletic team,” senior Jake Smith said. “I had high expectations. I knew that with some work we had the potential to win states.”

Having only lost twice, The Frisbros came into the tournament with high expectations, and despite failing to reach their goal, they still consider the season a success.

“I was not too disappointed,” junior Nick Yazdani. “ I still believe we worked the hardest and played the best in that final game.”

The team relied on athleticism, and team chemistry to help them win games.

According to Smith, the team’s “camaraderie” was its biggest key to success. The team relied on teamwork and strong bonds on and off the field to carry them to success.

In the semi finals match against BCC, the team was almost able to rally back from a 4 point deficit, but was defeated by one in the final minutes.

According to Smith, he is very proud for how the team played this year. A comeback like theirs “happens only every once in a blue moon.”

Even though, seven players graduate this year, expectations are still extremely high for next season.

According to Yazdani, the team still keeps many of its talented players next season. Anything less than winning a state championship would be a disappointment next season.