Goon squad works to spread school wide spirit

By Jonathan Greenzaid, Online Sports Editor

Dressed in all white, the CHS Goon Squad begins to sing a medley of Disney songs in order to distract the opposing team’s free throw shooter. The player misses both shots, and the Goon Squad erupts into a frenzy of jumping and yelling.

Started by girls varsity basketball coach Katelyn McMahon and Philosophy and World History teacher Evan Rosenthal, the Goon Squad is a group of students who cheer and raise spirit at girls basketball games.

“The goal overall is to build spirit around CHS, not just sporting events,” Rosenthal said. “Sports are an easy way to bring people together, but I think it is ultimately important to build school spirit not just for sports but for academics, musical performances, extracurriculars, anything that the school can do together.”

The girls basketball team’s record is 11-4 overall and is 7-1 in the past eight games, and the Goon Squad has played a supporting role in the girl’s success, according to McMahon

“They are very loud and entertaining,” McMahon said. “The girls love the idea that there are students in the school who want to come see them play, especially because we are doing very well this year and have a very hardworking group of kids.”

The Goon Squad brings a number of basketball cheers to the girls games and focuses on cheering for CHS players, not against the other team. They even take to the games a spirit stick that Rosenthal’s philosophy class helped create.

According to McMahon, the Goon Squad’s cheers help bring more energy to the defense and encourage the players to play well.

“It’s great having a big crowd there,” senior point guard Isabella Wu said. “Their cheering gets me focused and into the game and puts me into a good mindset coming into the game.”

Since starting in mid-December, the Goon Squad has been to several of the team’s games this season and has created clever cheers for individual players

“I like when they have individual cheers that they will do for our girls,” McMahon said. “Jan. 22 was really special because they created a Japria chant when she scored her one-thousandth point. It kept going for a while. It was pretty cool to have her recognized not only by her family and teammates, but the student body as well.”

According to member Jack Langerman, the Goon Squad helps promote unity around the school.

“Everyone is just having fun with it,” Langerman said. “We are supporting our school, and hopefully others will support us whether it’s on the sports field or in Blast or Mr. Churchill.”

The Goon Squad’s main purpose is not just to raise school spirit at girls basketball games but to do so at all school events.

“The point I’m trying to make is that CHS does not have to be so nose-to-the-ground,” Rosenthal said. “We can take a breather and really enjoy being a part of the high school experience. It allows parents to have more fun also, and the community becomes more involved. It is important that we come together.”