Managers need more than 30 SSL hours

By Christian Edwards, Staff Writer

If you put together six-two hour practices a week for nine weeks, then how many hours should you get? I’ll tell you one thing, it isn’t only 30 hours.

According to CHS SSL coordinator Wendy Tilles, there was a rule change as of this school year for team managers and SSL hours. Last year, managers were able to receive as many hours as the coach thought necessary, or none at all. If the coach thought that the manager should receive 100 hours for their duties, then they had the power to give them that many.

Athletic team managers should receive more than the current cap of 30 SSL hours per sports season, and instead should be able to receive an amount that they deserve or their coach deems appropriate.

“Team managers/statisticians may receive a maximum of 30 hours per sports season, which is awarded at the end of the sports season,” said CHS SSL coordinator Wendy Tilles. “Before last year, they could not earn SSL for this.”

Every sports manager’s roles may be very different depending on their designated position as a manager, but they nevertheless work strenuously, cleaning up after the team and organizing and helping the team during practices.

Junior Ryan Sorkin is a co-team manager for the varsity basketball team, and believes that he should earn more than 30 hours of SSL for his service to the team.

“I work one or two games a week for a total of up to four hours of service,” Sorkin said. “If you add all that up, it should be more than 30 hours.”

Each student in MCPS needs 75 SSL hours to graduate, and helping out a school team is a very good way to support the school and surpass the required number of SSL hours.

“I don’t really have that many hours,” Sorkin said. “I wanted to be a team manager so I could gain as many hours as possible.”

Although the 30-hour rule might not be very suitable for managers, according to Athletic Director Scott Rivinius, team managers were not allowed to receive SSL hours until the 2013-2014 school year. He speculates that it may have been that before the new rule was put in place, limiting SSL hours to 30, managers were abusing the limitless amount of SSL hours they could obtain.

However, some oppose the rule because it does not fairly represent the student’s work.

According to Rivinius, there shouldn’t be a cap or restraint to the number of SSL hours a team manager can receive; it should be up to the coach to decide.

“Some managers do more work than others and put in a lot of hours,” Rivinius said. “I do not think the limit should be 30 hours.”