College football playoff system brings controversy


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

The new college football playoff consists of the top 4 teams in the country playing for the newly designed championship trophy.

By Ross Tanenbaum, Production Editor

The top four teams of college football have been decided to face off in the first ever playoff system in college football history.

The four teams are Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon and Florida State, with Baylor and TCU just barely missing the cut. One of the most controversial decisions was for the playoff committee to add Ohio State into the playoffs as the fourth seed.

“I believe that TCU should have gotten in,” sophomore Paul Mengucci said. “Just because TCU had closer games than Ohio State does not mean that they should not get into the playoffs.”

Alabama being the number one seed in the playoffs comes as no surprise. The Crimson Tide had one loss against a great Ole Miss team, but redeemed themselves by beating Mississippi State, who was the number one team at the time. Alabama is hoping to go to the national championship after a devastating loss last season to Auburn that cost them a trip to the Championship game. This season, it seems like Alabama has the right amount of talent to get it done.

According to Bleacher Report, Alabama has the “number four” offense and the “number two” defense in the country.

In the number two spot is the Oregon Ducks. Oregon won a huge game in the Pac-12 championship, beating Arizona 51-13. Oregon also has a star player in the form of  Heisman Quarterback, Marcus Mariota.

“I want Oregon to win, but it will probably be Alabama,” Mengucci said. “They always dominate in the bowl games.”

The third place seed is the Florida State Seminoles. After having an undefeated season last year, Florida State has repeated their winning streak this season. While Florida State is the only undefeated team in the playoffs they are the third seed. Many of Florida State’s wins have been close against teams that should have been easily beaten by the talented Florida State team.

“Their schedule was much easier than other teams,” Mengucci said. “I agree with their placement.”

The four teams competing in the title are considered to be the best in the league so it should make the first playoffs very entertaining. Alabama will play Ohio State and Oregon will play Florida State in the first round of the playoffs Jan. 1.