Athlete of the Month: Dylan Rotter


Photo Courtesy of Dylan Rotter

Freshman Dylan Rotter helped lead CHS to a 2014 State Championship

By Christian Edwards, Staff Writer

Nobody knew about him, an unnoticed freshman who has never played high school golf before. Expectations were low, until he proved everyone wrong. This kid can play.

The golf team won the Maryland 3A/4A state championship Oct. 29, and freshman Dylan Rotter helped CHS seal the win by shooting the lowest score on the team.

Rotter placed second overall in the individual rankings out of over 100 student athletes, shooting a combined score of 145 in the two days of play. He was only four shots behind the first place individual winner, Graham Hutchison from Whitman.

However, Rotter’s performance fell short of his expectation: first place.

“I was playing really well and got to one stroke down with nine holes to go and then I let it slip,” Rotter said. “I hate coming in second because it’s first to lose, but it felt pretty good. I stayed consistent and believed in myself.”

Rotter’s success didn’t just start this season, though.

Ever since Rotter started playing golf at age two, his father would take him and his brother out to the putting green to work on his stroke. Rotter only plays golf, allowing him more time to focus on the sport he loves.

Rotter also plays at least nine holes of golf every day, and has a coach at Avenel Country Club and Woodmont Country Club to help him perfect his game. As a result, Rotter won three major junior tournaments last summer.

“Dylan came into the season following a successful summer, where he won three prestigious junior tournaments,” Rotter’s coach Michael Fisher said. “He continued his stellar performance throughout the entire season.”

Rotter’s father, Steve, is also proud for all he has accomplished in his 12 years of playing golf.

“It’s been wonderful to watch Dylan blossom to the golfer he is now,” Rotter’s father said.

According to Rotter’s coach Michael Fisher, there is something very special about Rotter and his demeanor and talent on the golf course, and he is very impressed by the way he carried his success from the summer into the season, leading the record twelfth state championship.

“Dylan was a welcomed new addition to the team,” Fisher said, “His immense talent, easy going attitude and confident demeanor made him a special player-which is seldom seen in any golfer, let alone a freshman.”