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Fresh new jerseys improve Bulldogs’ look, play

The Bulldogs step out onto the field, proudly wearing their fresh new jerseys for the first time. The Under Armour with blue, green and white colors gives the team a look that no one will ever forget.

This year, some sports teams have upgraded their jerseys to give CHS a whole new look as a school this year. Consequently, what an athlete wears on the field may make a difference in how the athlete performs and what the athlete is playing for.

According to Booster Club head Larry Tanenbaum, some CHS sports teams usually pass down their varsity jerseys to JV after four years, and the varsity team will get new jerseys.

Uncomfortable jerseys can negatively affect how an athlete performs because they can prevent an athlete from having a full range of motion or comfort. In the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, for example, the U.S. speedskating team blamed their failure to medal on their newly-designed uniforms.

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According to, the U.S. men’s speedskating team was displeased and decided to go back to wearing its older suits. The team’s jerseys may have been new, but the new feel and design of the jerseys conflicted with the team’s performance.

The varsity boys hockey team faced B-CC in the Wounded Warrior televised hockey game this year. Specially for the game, the team ordered camouflage jerseys and was inspired to skate their hearts out.

“The new jerseys were made out of a lighter material and allowed us to do more with a different design than the previous jersey,” senior Brandon Levenson said. “A jersey can bring the team together because when you have a cool jersey, you look forward to every time you’re able to put it on.”

The boys lacrosse team started this trend when they implemented new jerseys last year. Being the first team at CHS to have a green jersey, the Bulldogs made a statement by winning their conference championship while looking sharp in the process.

According to junior midfielder Derek Altobello, Deion Sanders’ quote “you look good, you feel good; you feel good, you play well” applies to CHS. The more comfortable and better looking a jersey is, the better the results of the team will be.

Along with comfortable jerseys, many different factors make up a cool-looking uniform.

“Brand name seems to be the most important part of a cool jersey,” senior basketball guard Charles Halverson said. “Nike, air Jordan, Adidas and Under Armour are all popular right now.”

The boys varsity basketball team also enhanced its jerseys by honoring deceased teammate Evan Rosenstock. Knowing that Rosenstock would be part of the team throughout every game of the season, the Bulldogs put his initial on the back of their warm- up jerseys, which gave them an incentive to play their hardest.

“Wearing his initials meant he was with us out there, and he’s still very much a part of our team,” Halverson said.

A jersey is not just a piece of mesh, it represents something bigger. It represents uniting us as Bulldogs.

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Fresh new jerseys improve Bulldogs’ look, play