CHS’ top three favorite Olympic Sports

By Alissa LI and Katherine Michael

As the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia conclude, medals are being doled out to the best athletes in each event. Joining in on the Olympic ceremonies, the Observer has decided to present CHS students with one last medal ceremony: the most popular sports in the Winter Olympics this year.

Though the Summer Olympics are generally the main attraction, the Winter Olympics have a variety of events that CHS students find daring and interesting. These events vary from the popular sport of ice hockey to an almost unheard-of sport called skeleton. Without further ado, the gold medal goes to…

Figure skating, known for its elegance, was found to be the most popular Winter Olympic sport among CHS students.

“It is very beautiful to watch and also incredibly difficult,” junior Antonia Gaviria said. “It’s inspiring to see athletes do something so hard and make it look so effortless.”

Other CHS students enjoy figure skating because of its unique style.

“My favorite Winter Olympic sport is figure skating because they’re really graceful and can do cool tricks,” freshman Nina Hazra said.

Last but not least, the bronze medal is awarded to ski jumping, a sport commonly watched by CHS students.

“My favorite Winter Olympic sport is ski jumping because I think it’s cool and not something you see every day,” senior Alena Garcia said.

Besides the obvious interest in the sport, students are intrigued by the daring sport and its courageous athletes.

“The thrill of watching someone come down from a frightening height is pretty fun to watch,” junior Winson Yeung said.