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Athletes follow traditions on route to away games

CHS is home to many athletic teams and even more team-related traditions. One such tradition is based on how different teams choose to travel to away games.

Coaches have the option to ask for a bus, paid for by the team, which will transport the players to and from the away game. This option is the one most frequently called upon by the football team, which chooses to travel by bus to all their away games.

“Having a bus is much better because it helps pump you up and allows you to get in the right mindset with your teammates before you step on the field,” senior wide receiver Ryan Mortman said.

Other teams, such as girls soccer, choose instead to organize parent carpools to their away games.  Senior varsity soccer captain Carly Shapiro enjoys the tradition of carpooling for the chance it gives her to see her teammates.

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“I don’t mind having the parents drive us because you get to bond with some of the girls that you don’t always get to see during the day,” Shapiro said. “Buses are so big, and you always sit with the same people.”

She also enjoys the greater freedom she has since she is not reliant on a ride
home from the bus.

I would rather not have to take the bus home because by the end of the game we are all tired and ready to go directly home instead of going back to CHS,” Shapiro said. “I’ve never asked my coach for a bus because it has always been a tradition to use the parents.”

Some parents also enjoy the carpooling system, such as soccer parent Ed Kennedy who has driven soccer carpool for the four years his daughter, senior Chrissy Kennedy, was on soccer.

“I’m fine with it because I like spending time with my girls,” Kennedy said. “I think it would be difficult for some people whose work schedules don’t allow for it, but luckily mine does.”

Those on the cross country team have experienced both options since they have used buses for away meets that start before school lets out and parent-driven carpools for other meets.

“By having to ask for a ride, we sort of get to know each other better since we have such a large team,” senior runner Morgen Lewis said.

Still, Lewis thinks the best option is for students to drive themselves.

I think it would be much more convenient if the students could drive themselves,” Lewis said.

Sudents can drive themselves, however. A transportation form found on the Montgomery Country website must be filled out by an athlete’s parent, coach and principal and then allows students to be transported to games by another student or parent.

According to this form, Montgomery Country is not liable for any harm that comes to those traveling in the way mentioned in the form, such as a parent driving or students driving other students.

That is what those on girls tennis, such as junior Sydney Shugarman, have done in previous years.

“I enjoy when the seniors drive because you get way more pumped up without parents in the car,” Shugarman said.

According to athletic director Scott Rivinius, while there are no changes he personally wants to see in the transportation system used by athletes, he is always open to talking with the coaches about possible changes they would like to see.

No matter which way teams choose to travel to their away games, one can be sure they’ll be ready to play when they arrive.

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Athletes follow traditions on route to away games