Boys Volleyball Preview

By By: Helena Rodriguez - Staff Writer

Boys Volleyball ended its 2010 season with a record of 4-9, sending it through the early rounds of the playoffs. Equipped with a new coach and a fresh set of players this spring, the team looks forward to what it hopes will be a successful season.

According to junior Eugene Lin, the team struggled last year with communication and teamwork, which led to incidents like uncalled balls that often set them back, giving the opposing team easy points. This year, players hope to have better chemistry on the court with their new teammates.

“I hope that we’ll be able to come together as a team and that the new players will be able to step it up,” Lin said.

Inconsistencies in passing also dragged down the team as it attempted to defeat Whitman and Kennedy last season. While the players focus on fixing these setbacks, they agree that their main competition is Wootton, to whom they suffered a 0-3 loss last season.

Working hard to come together as a team, the boys wish to make it to playoffs once more this season and get past the first rounds.