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NFL RedZone tackles every aspect of the game

September 13, 2009 marked the day that Sunday afternoons changed forever.
On that day, the NFL RedZone debuted.

The NFL RedZone is a channel offered on most digital cable providers that takes the viewer to every NFL game currently happening and shows the key plays of each game.

For approximately seven hours every Sunday, RedZone flips from game-to-game-to-game, showing every key play without skipping a beat. Whenever a team enters inside their opponent’s 20-yard line, the RedZone flips to that game. Should two teams be knocking on their opponents doorstep, the channel features a “double box,” where both games are shown live. In the rare cases where three teams are about the score simultaneously, a “triple box” is presented, making sure every score is being shown in as live of time as possible.

When multiple games are shown on-screen, RedZone host Scott Hanson takes over as the announcer and keeps the viewer aware of what’s going on.

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Hanson brings a great energy to the show, and handles his job of guiding the viewer from game to game beautifully. Hanson always seems to be aware of what is happening in every game and makes sure that even when no action is happening in the league, something is being shown.
Another benefit of this heavenly channel is the lack of endless ads during a football game. Yes, thanks to the RedZone, the awkward ads of elderly men with E.D. having a cheery visit with their doctor are a thing of the past. Thanks to RedZone, when injuries occur or timeouts are called, instead of having to wait for play to resume, RedZone zaps to another game. RedZone is like watching every NFL game at one time, only with God controlling the remote.

Any serious fantasy football player would be at a serious tactical disadvantage without the RedZone channel. In the past, keeping track of all members of a fantasy team meant checking box scores to see how points were scored. Now, the monotonous task of constantly refreshing a dull web browser is replaced by an adrenaline-packed joyride of touchdowns and big hits.
Now, some argue that watching their favorite team is a better experience than watching just a sample from a variety of games. For those who don’t play fantasy football, this can be especially true, as they have little interest the other games taking place that week. But what happens if you root for the Lions, Raiders or even the Redskins? Is watching your team really that enjoyable of an experience?

RedZone offers an all-you-can-eat buffet of football action for seven hours straight. Instead of being tied down to one dish which may or may not satisfy, the RedZone lets you intake the most flavorful bite of each game.

Love-at-first-sight use to seem like a corny expression that only truly existed in movies, but after just five minutes with the RedZone, I can attest that it is indeed possible.
Was this channel a great piece of art or divine intervention? Who knows? All that is known is that when paired with a comfy couch and a delectable assortment of snacks, the RedZone has made Sunday afternoons the best time of the week.

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NFL RedZone tackles every aspect of the game