Sports teams offer athletes exciting opportunities

CHS is well known for its outstanding sports teams and coaches. All of its teams have a reputation for success, and the upcoming 2010 fall sports season will be no different.

Many teams experienced much success in their seasons and tournaments last year, and triumph in upcoming seasons is anticipated. The tennis team went undefeated last fall, and other teams, such as Cheerleading, placed spectacularly well in their tournaments.

“The biggest accomplishment of our 2009-2010 cheerleading season was that we did really well in our competition,” sophomore Leslie Blalock said. “We came in second and after working super hard for months, it was a relief to know that it paid off.”

The most important part of all sports team is leadership, and at CHS, the seniors are role models and leaders for their teammates. Both on and off the field, senior athletes support their peers and help them progress. This year though, last years’ seniors are gone, leaving a big gap in the teams they were on.

“[The seniors] were the glue that held the team together,” sophomore field hockey player Jennifer Shim said.

Athletes are looking forward to the upcoming season, hopeful that new players will add to the talent that already exists on every CHS team. They are also excited to meet the players coming from middle school.

“This year we are starting workouts prior to summer training, so we’ll have a big advantage going into the season,” sophomore soccer player Crispin Muessle said. “We [also] have a good class coming up.”

Most CHS athletes would agree that one of the best parts of being on a team is meeting new people and spending time with teammates. For many people, playing a sport is not just about winning; it’s also about making friends and having fun.

“I like [being on the team] because golf is considered such an individual sport and having a team to share it with makes it even more fun,” senior Sonia Gaur said.